Newsletter | September 10, 2020

09.10.20 -- X-Ray Inspection Of Food Products: The Safety Facts You Need To Know

Industry Insights
X-Ray Inspection Of Food Products: The Safety Facts You Need To Know

Some food manufacturers have lingering worries about the safety of X-ray technology — both for those operating the equipment and the food products the machines inspect. This paper takes a closer look at how today’s X-ray inspection equipment works and corrects any misconceptions associated with this commonly used technology.

Solid Level Measurement In The Food And Beverage Industry

It can be difficult to justify the expense to outfit all silos with level instruments. This paper outlines how adding level instrumentation to bins and silos in the food and beverage industries can improve operations and safety, as well as reduce maintenance.

Five Steps To Maximize Metal Detector Performance

If your metal detector is not working to the optimum sensitivity specification, then metal contamination could be passing through your production line, undetected. This application note provides five steps to maximize the performance of your metal detector.

Featured Product
Rare Earth Magnets For Food Manufacturing/Production

Offer up to 25 times more pull than conventional permanent ferrite magnets. Recommended for removing fine and weakly magnetic contaminants. Erium 3000 Rare Earth is available in tube, grate, self-cleaning grate, trap, plate, round pipe, hump, cartridge, dry drum, wet drum, and roll separators to purify a wide range of products.

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