Newsletter | October 5, 2021

10.05.21 -- What Is Chill Haze And How Do You Remove It?

Industry Insights
What Is Chill Haze And How Do You Remove It?

Spirits such as whisky are very fragile and sensitive liquids. Water and alcohol levels in the spirit influence the solubility of turbidity inducing substances. Once a whisky cools, some of the compounds, specifically the esters and the fatty acids, stick together. The small particles that are formed give the spirit a cloudy or hazy appearance. This is referred to as chill haze. Read more about how analyzing your current process and making some changes can improve performance to achieve a cloud-free whisky.

The PI System And The Los Angeles Department Of Water And Power: A Winning Combination

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) is constantly preparing for an array of challenges ranging from droughts, wildfires, and earthquakes to aging pipes to optimizing operations such as pumps, water loss, and water quality treatment. Water utilities like LADWP are also always looking for ways to improve customer service while safeguarding water storage and delivery systems.

Hershey Installs Volumetric Feeders For Accurate Dispensing

A confectioner installs six volumetric feeders in a new make-your-own-candy-bar production line to accurately dispense small ingredient amounts into chocolate base bars.

Milk Receiving And Cream Outload Metering

Entrained micro bubbles in the milk cause measurement challenges. A mass flow meter solution ensures accurate measurement of milk received or cream outload.