Case Study

Case Study: Volumatic Feeding System Brings Consistency And Flexibility To Cookie Line

Source: Eriez

Davis Cookie Company, a distributor of Archway Cookies, was finding that the quantity of sugar sprinkled on their confections by their sugar belt system was providing neither an attractive appearance nor a quality product. Inconsistency was a major problem due to their “double flip method” in which the cookies were flipped top-down on to the belt, coated with sugar and then flipped right-side-up again before being sent through ovens for baking.

The cookie-maker approached Eriez® and asked them to develop a volumatic feeding system that could store the sugar, as well as deliver an even coating to the top side of the cookies on the baking belt without having to flip them. Eriez delivered with a special portable volumatic feeder with a triangular-shaped storage hopper that included an adjustable gate opening to control sugar flow. A unique adjustable support framework was built around the conveyor system, complete with a crank that adjusts the height of the feeder from just a fraction of an inch above the cookies to several inches. The feeder is also adaptable for use at more than one location on the belt.