News Feature | January 29, 2014

Vegware, Berkley Square Team Up To Form Eco-Package Alliance

Source: Food Online

By Alec Italiano, contributing writer


New partnership predicts an initial sales increase of 15 percent in the U.S. Market

Vegware and Berkley Square have come together to form a well-positioned alliance aiming to provide sustainable, compostable alternatives in packaging. Vegware’s product lineup includes eco-disposable deli containers, soup containers, and cups made from recyclable materials that are able to be composted with wasted food inside the container.

Berk Enterprises, the parent company of Berkley Square, produces an eco-friendly line of cutlery and other forms of tableware to complement Vegware’s product line. The newly formed partnership brings its products to more than 100 distributors which deliver to thousands of food service establishments. Berk is predicting overall sales to grow by 15 percent initially, with even greater growth forecasted in the coming years.

Edinburgh-based Vegware is eager to increase its presence in the U.S. market with this partnership. The manufacturer distributes its products to Europe, South Africa, and Australia, but the company’s founder, Joe Frankel, says the U.S. market is very receptive and growing quicker than the other markets they are involved with.  This alliance, he says, will give them the green light to expand “in a big way,” thanks to Berkley Square’s respect and reach in the American market.

Packaging manufactured by Vegware is made from materials such as palm leaf PLA and recycled sugar cane fiber. The company’s palm leaf plates are literally made from fallen palm leaves with just water being used to shape and sterilize the disposable dishware. The plates and bowls contain no coatings, waxes, or chemicals which make them 100 percent biodegradable.

The sugarcane fiber bowls, plates, and cups have the same look and feel of conventional paper tableware products, but are made from readily renewable resources. Similar to the palm leaf disposable plates and bowls, the sugarcane fiber bowls are not given any type of coating, making them 100 percent biodegradable. Additionally, the products’ white coloring is achieved through bleaching with only oxygen, furthering its reach in sustainability.

In spite of being disposable, Vegware’s single-use plates and bowls are sturdy enough to withstand multiple uses in both and cold foods. In an era when consumers demand sustainability in packaging, Vegware’s tableware provides a great alternative to Styrofoam and plastic options.

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