Turnkey Inspection For Un-Oriented Containers

Source: Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection


The METTLER TOLEDO Mosaic Compact is a turnkey inspection solution for round, un-oriented containers which utilizes a simpler, more accurate vision processing method than traditional 360° inspection solutions. The system is designed for easy operation by everyday users, reducing operator error.

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Unlike other 360° inspection methods which are cumbersome to set up, unable to adapt to different product sizes and require slower production speeds, the Mosaic Compact offers a more straightforward solution. A small footprint allows the Mosaic Compact to fit along crowded production lines, while flexible design allows for easy adjustments to variations in product position and packaging material.


  • Drastically reduced footprint and IP65 construction allows for flexibility in system placement at any point in the production process.
  • Mosaic’s unique paneling technology reduces the number of false rejects caused by faulty calibration and poor image quality.
  • Globally deployable inspection solution means no matter where the production plant is, METTLER TOLEDO provides installation, training, service and support.

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