Traceability Software For Food & Beverage Manufacturing

Source: Aptean

Traceability Software for Food Beverage manufacturing

In today’s high speed business environment, manufacturers need strong brand protection more than ever. In the instance of a recall (or mock recall) they need to be able to demonstrate that they have a fast and reliable traceability solution. TraceExpress meets this need with its ability to trace lots rapidly and produce easily interpretable data for analysis and a quick response. Intuitive, easy-to-use traceability solutions that track products and ingredients from suppliers to manufacturing to end-users allow manufacturing companies to protect their brand and their customers.

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TraceExpress provides the ability to trace a defective Product/Lot from finished good back to raw ingredient, from raw ingredient to finished good, or from mid-production backwards or forwards.

TraceExpress Viewer is a critical component in the Ross suite that enables immediate forward and backward trace functionality to identify suspect materials and the disposition of finished goods in the event of a recall. Now manufacturers can ensure the safety of their Products/Lots and secure the trust of their customers while facilitating industry and government regulatory compliance. TraceExpress Viewer provides a highly intuitive and vastly superior user experience that dramatically cuts the time required to identify, review and process all of the data gathered to any particular Lot throughout the Supply Chain while also reducing response times to potential problems.

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