Guest Column | November 24, 2015

3 Things To Consider When Selecting Compressed Air Systems For Food Manufacturing


By Deepak Vetal, Atlas Copco Compressors, US Oil-Free Air Division

There are many factors to consider when selecting a compressed air system for food industry applications. Compressed air is widely used in the food industry for various applications, including instrument air, food transport, packaging, bottling, fermentation, control systems, and more.. In order to avoid safety hazards, eliminate the risk of product recalls, audit failures, and achieve the highest efficiency and reliability, the chosen compressed air system should meet the criteria outlined in this article.

Air Quality
The most important benchmark for compressed air systems in the food industry is air quality. Before you select equipment for the compressed air system, you must first identify the air quality requirement for your particular application. Ideally, consulting standards and guidelines to determine air quality should be the first step; unfortunately, most standards do not have clear specifications on air quality requirements.

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