Newsletter | May 7, 2019

05.07.19 -- The Future Of Food Manufacturing — Moving To A Digital World And IIoT

Industry Insights
The Future Of Manufacturing: Moving To A Digital World And IIoT
Article | By Andrew Hughes, AVEVA

Manufacturing has matured recently, with companies implementing systems that integrate manufacturing assets and controls. Continue reading to learn how food operations are changing.

Improving Manufacturing Processes With High-Shear Mixing Technologies
Article | By Christine Banaszek, Charles Ross and Son Company

Companies are reevaluating mixing processes, looking for ways to lower cost, boost production capacity, and improve quality. This article will explain how high-shear mixing can help achieve these goals.

Meat Supply Chain: A "How To" Guide For BRC Audits
White Paper | Eagle Product Inspection

BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 8 emphasizes an end-to-end approach to food safety. Here are some steps to understand and comply with a BRC audit of your current practices and vulnerabilities.

How Metal Detectors Help Deliver Contaminant-Free Dried Fruit Snacks
Case Study | Eriez

Mariani Packing Company established critical control points (CCP) in its five processing facilities. This case study explores those CCPs, how they were found, established, and the benefits they provide.

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