Newsletter | January 11, 2022

01.11.22 -- The Art Of Dryer Sizing

Industry Insights
The Art Of Dryer Sizing

When sizing a compressed air dryer, it’s important to understand how temperature and pressure affect humidity. This article provides guidance for selecting an air dryer for the conditions and factors of your facility.

Ready To Purchase A New Mixer? Tips To Justify That Capital Expenditure

Purchasing new mixing equipment is typically not a hasty event. As with any capital investment, the purchase of a new mixing system ideally requires time and research.

Achieve Functional, High-Quality Plant Proteins With Purification Solutions

In order to preserve protein’s natural functionalities, the production process must minimize potential denaturation effects induced by thermal, chemical, or mechanical stress and prevent carrying natural contamination such as suspended solids, bioburden, fat, and antinutritional factors. This paper reviews different filtration techniques used in the industry and offers insights into how the process affects the final product.

Tortilla Manufacturer Installs Mettler-Toledo Safeline Metal Detector For Brand Protection And Ensuring Product Safety

Arevalo Foods produces more than 3.5 million tortillas per day at their state-of-the-art facility. To support their double-digit growth over the past few years, they installed three metal detectors to help protect their final product quality.

Symbiosis Of Positive Displacement Blowers For Lower Pressure Range And Screw Compressors

A grain mill needed a way to extend its conveying height from 45 to 65 meters, putting added strain on its compressed air systems. Keep reading to learn how a hybrid solution helped the mill meet its goals.

The Sustainable Food Supply Chain

A sustainable food supply chain is ripe with environmental benefits, and manufacturers have a golden opportunity to deploy sustainable practices on the plant floor.