Newsletter | May 1, 2021

05.01.21 -- The Art Of Dryer Sizing

Industry Insights
The Art Of Dryer Sizing

When sizing a compressed air dryer, it’s important to understand how temperature and pressure affect humidity. This article provides guidance for selecting an air dryer for the conditions and factors of your facility.

Pneumatic Conveying Of Dry Material

Pneumatic conveyance of dry material is a proven method for moving products from place to place in many operations. However, there are multiple types of system configurations possible. Each configuration has strengths and weaknesses thus, the proper selection depends on the specific process needs. The following article will provide some insight into the different factors to consider when applying a pneumatic conveying solution to a process.

Optimizing Aeration Reliability In Food And Beverage Wastewater Applications

In addition to penalties for noncompliance, wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) operators in the food and beverage industry risk excessive losses caused by problems at the wastewater treatment facility.

Missing Inspection Of Dishes In Lunch Boxes

This application note details the process of X-ray inspection for prepackaged boxed lunches. Furthermore, it details how defective products are found and provides guidance for acceptable products.