Guest Column | October 29, 2015

Survey Finds Food Supply Chain Transparency Is Key To Consumer Trust

Chris Morrison, CMO, Trace One

By Chris Morrison, CMO, Trace One

Every year, millions of pounds of food are recalled due to health concerns, labeling issues, and contamination. Last year alone, over 18 million pounds of food were recalled. In fact, food recalls have nearly doubled in the U.S. since 2002, according to a report by reinsurance company Swiss Re. These recalls are in the news almost daily, making food safety top of mind for consumers, as well as for food manufacturers and retailers.

To learn more about how consumers perceive the food they buy — and how food manufacturers can keep up with growing consumer expectations — Trace One recently surveyed consumers from nine countries in the Americas and in Europe. Among the many questions in the survey, respondents were asked about their trust in the quality and safety of the food they consume. Here is an overview of the results:

  1. Consumer Trust Has Room For Improvement
    With so many highly-publicized recalls occurring, consumers are taking notice. As a result, trust in food safety and quality is declining. According to the survey, only 12 percent of consumers wholeheartedly trust the safety of the food they consume, and only 10 percent wholeheartedly trust the quality of their food. As a result of this wavering trust, consumers are demanding more information about the origins and ingredients of their food.

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