Application Note

Application Note: Surimi

Source: AMETEK Brookfield

Brookfield Engineering has participated as a sponsor of the Surimi School conducted at the Marine Experiment Station of Oregon State University. The Project Director is Dr. Jae Park, who is recognized around the world as a leading expert in the Surimi Industry. With the introduction earlier this year of Brookfield's new CT3 Texture Analyzer, there is now a new, low cost instrument to perform the Surimi Industry standard punch test.

In a direct quote from Dr. Park he states – "CT3 can easily replace the RT instrument without changing the value of gel texture. The CT3 will give more accuracy and consistency because you can calibrate the unit whereas the RT instrument does not have a calibration function. The CT3 can get customer services from Brookfield easily. If my understanding is right, CT3 is the right one to select for your future purchase."

Operational details of the CT3 in the surimi application are explained in this application note.