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Solutions For The Grain Industry

Source: Siemens Industry, Inc
Solutions For The Grain Industry

A successful grain merchant during the 1840s is considering expansion in the coming years. Recent years have been fruitful, but there are rumors of a new invention on the market: a grain elevator. Claims are that this elevator is able to unload more than 1,000 bushels each hour! Compare this to current operations where workers carry sacks of grain on their backs from wagons to waiting ships. Our grain merchant has seen firsthand the hazards of this process – everything from suffocating and explosive grain dust to the daily
stresses on workers’ bodies. Will this new technology be able to increase the merchant’s profits as well as make a safer working environment for employees?

Over a century and a half later, mechanized equipment is now an essential part of the grain industry, from planting and growing to harvesting, handling, and milling grain. Your challenges are still the same as those of nineteenth century grain operators, though – how can you improve processes and cut costs while also increasing safety?

There’s no doubt about it: production inefficiencies and inventory inaccuracies caused by faulty or outdated technology are holes in your business’ pockets. Maximizing profit margins are essential in the grain industry, and you cannot afford waste – whether it is raw materials, machinery, or labor. To expand and maintain your competitive advantage, you need the right tools to ensure that production is sharp and running smoothly.

An even greater concern, however, is the safety of your workers. Why not use a reliable solids level transmitter instead of routinely sending employees to the top of silos? By keeping workers out of hazardous situations altogether, you can immediately reduce the chance of accidents and the consequences to your company.

Safety and profit growth are not incompatible, and Siemens range of process instrumentation and analytical devices delivers solutions to both of these challenges in the grain industry.

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