News | September 12, 2013

See Non - Destructive Pouch Seal Inspection Technologies At Pack Expo International In Booth C-613

Source: PTI - Packaging Technologies & Inspection
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Seal Quality Analysis Using Airborne Ultrasound Technology

PTI will showcase Airborne Ultrasound Pouch Seal Inspection Technology at Pack Expo International, September 23-25 in the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, Booth C-613. Two configurations will be exhibited:

  • Seal-Sensor Drop-In Online Pouch Seal Inspection System 
  • Seal-Scan 525 Offline Inspection System for Seal Quality Analysis

PTI recently announced the approval of ASTM Test Method F3004-13, a new non-destructive test method for “Evaluation of Seal Quality and Integrity using Airborne Ultrasound Technology.” Approval of this test method was based on PTI sponsored inter-laboratory research study utilizing PTI’s patented Seal-Scan technology. This test method may be applied to the inspection and evaluation of flexible package seals of all material types. The approval of ASTM F3004-13 marks a significant breakthrough in the field of seal integrity testing for the entire packaging industry.

Application Seal inspection and seal quality analysis
Packaging Materials & Combinations Tyvek, Paper, Foil, Aluminum, Plastic & Laminated Materials
Test Results Qualitative Pass/Fail and Quantitative Data Analysis
Defects Wrinkle, Contamination/Inclusion, Channel Defects, Misaligned Seal, Delamination or Blister, Incomplete or Missing Seals 
Target Industries Medical Device/Pharmaceutical/Food

Using PTI’s Seal-Scan or Seal-Sensor technology, a linear scan analysis of the seal area can be produced in seconds, detecting channel defects, misaligned seals, incomplete and missing seals immediately after the package has been sealed. If the system detects a package defect, the product can immediately be removed from the packaging and reworked. Process related defects can be addressed and corrected immediately, which significantly reduces the quantity of defective packages produced.

“PTI’s ultrasound technology has proven to be a highly effective process and quality control tool to assure seal quality. Pack Expo is the perfect opportunity to see live demonstrations of ultrasound technology including both offline and online configurations,” stated Oliver Stauffer, vice president of PTI Inspection Systems.  “The new Seal-Sensor 512 Drop-In Online Inspection Solution can be easily integrated into the production line to test pouch seal integrity online. The Seal-Sensor provides automated inline scanning of pouch seals and detects common critical defects that affect product quality and shelf life. Visit PTI during Pack Expo to learn about the following upgrades and enhancements:

  • Convenient pouch handling conveyor system
  • New software with wireless MES connectivity
  • More compact test head, smaller footprint
  • More sensitive to smaller leaks
  • Robust high frequency signal with higher pulse
  • More measurements of the seal
  • High performance ultrasound technology at a lower price point

SOURCE: PTI - Packaging Technologies & Inspection

PTI - Packaging Technologies & Inspection