Schenck Process TestCenters

Schenck Process TestCenters

Schenck Process state-of-the-art TestCenters provide the best solutions before final investment decisions are made.

Pneumatic TestCenter - Kansas City, MO

The Kansas City, MO Pneumatic TestCenter features both carbon steel and stainless steel piping ranging from 125 ft. to 975 ft. in length. Ledge free couplings are used throughout the system for testing products with breakage concerns. Sight glasses provide visual observation of the conveying techniques. The lab is centrally located a few miles from Kansas City’s International Airport.

Filtration TestCenter - Sabetha, KS

Unique to the filtration industry, the Schenck Process TestCenter in Sabetha, KS includes a Particle Emissions Test (PET) machine that records and graphs air flow and velocity, air-to-cloth ratios, pressure differentials, inlet loading and outlet mass emissions. The machine allows Schenck Process to design and specify the best system for your specific application.

Weighing and Feeding Test Center - Whitewater, WI

The Whitewater, WI Weighing and Feeding TestCenter features an isolated testing cell for dusty and poor flowing powders, customer offices with Internet accessibility, and a specially designed viewing room to witness material testing. Volumetric, gravimetric, vibratory and sanitary weighing and feeding processes are set up by experienced lab technicians to confirm the optimum equipment configuration for handling a customer’s dry material weighing or feeding application.