News | April 19, 2011

Schenck Process Preventative Maintenance Program


Schenck Process believes in full product and process support. Beyond our equipment start-up program, over the phone technical support, spare parts service group, warranty team, and highly trained service technicians, Schenck Process also offers extended product life service needs through its new Preventative Maintenance Program. This service ensures a long product life as well as optimized costs and efficiencies for your process.

The purchase of a Preventative Maintenance Program includes a one-year service contract guaranteeing that a specially trained Schenck Process service technician will visit your plant to evaluate the functionality and operations of your machines. A customer specific maintenance plan where recommendations on spare parts and other wear items are included in the overall evaluation process.

Additionally, maintenance dates are scheduled according to the recommended plan. Benefits of the Schenck Process Preventative Maintenance Program include operational safety, reduced costs and greater efficiencies. Regular monitoring of the equipment and systems leads to the prevention of hazardous situations and promoting a safer work environment. Additionally, following a regular maintenance plan recommended by a Schenck Process technician improves the extension of equipment service life and creates greater efficiencies by reducing potential downtimes.

Source: Schenck Process LLC