News | May 18, 2011

Equipment Repair Program Keeps Plants Operating


Schenck Process believes in full product and process support. Beyond our equipment start-up program, over the phone technical support, spare parts service group, warranty team, and highly trained service technicians, Schenck Process also offers extended product life service needs through its Equipment Repair Program.

Schenck Process knows that maintaining operation of critical plant equipment is vital for its customers. Therefore, we have put together a repair program that quickly responds to situations where equipment has been damaged or put out of commission, reducing costly downtimes.

Features of the Equipment Repair Program include repair work on scales and control systems, quick availability of Schenck Process service personnel, on and off-site repairs, and equipment exchange during times of repair. Repair work can be done on a wide range of equipment by specially trained Schenck Process personnel. Simple repairs like load cell replacement can be done on site while more significant work is done at the Schenck Process repair shops. When available, refurbished equipment can be exchanged or rented during times of repair, reducing plant downtimes.

Source: Schenck Process LLC