MultiTrain® Technology


Whether legal-for-trade weighing accuracy, wheel impact load detection, or accurately weighing railcars before and after loading is required you can depend on Schenck Process to provide the most economical and safe solution through a wide range of rail product line offerings.

With over a million railcars in service throughout North America, Schenck Process understands how critical it is to maintain a high level of weighing accuracy and safety for owners and operators in the Railroad industry. For years, Schenck Process with its rail industry product line has been supplying precision measuring, monitoring, and weighing systems to some of the world’s leading rail companies.

MultiTrain® LegalWeight

MultiTrain® LegalWeight is a dynamic weighing system designed for the weighing of railcars in motion. The precise measuring technology permits the weights of railcars to be acquired accurately and legal-for-trade [NTEP]. For dynamic verification, the weighing system can be used as a static reference scale. Additionally, the system is optimally suited for monitoring load distributions. The measuring section is ideally configured by railcar type, weighing accuracy up to 0.2%, and velocity.

MultiTrain® TrainLoadOut

MultiTrain® TrainLoadOut is the perfect addition to train loading systems. Railcars can be weighed directly before and after loading with the use of high precision load cells. The load cells, integrated in a concrete weighing tie, transmit all forces and moments while measuring vertical weight. The data is typically transferred directly to the PLC of the train load out equipment. By calculating net weight the MultiTrain® TrainLoadOut system makes it possible to adapt the loading process to take full advantage of railcar capacity.

MultiTrain® WILD

MultiTrain® WILD is designed as an innovative diagnostic system for railcars. The early recognition of excessive wheel impact loads aids in railcar maintenance and offers enormous savings potential in track utilization and servicing. Each system is equipped with high-precision measuring technology, which enables the forces between the wheel and rail to be acquired quickly and accurately. In addition, the wheel, wheelset and railcar weights can be acquired at high speeds and the data can be transmitted to a remote location. The diagnostic system safely identifies railcars that have the potential to damage the track through dynamic forces or overload.

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