News | May 21, 1999

Rabin Brothers Background

Source: Rabin Brothers
Rabin Brotherslysis of the company's steady growth and strong cash position might point to the <%=company%> strategic use of technology, extensive network of affiliates, or half century of experience. These tangible elements have certainly played a crucial role in the <%=company%>' success, but the company's intangible core values have also made a significant contribution.

<%=company%> still does business the "old-fashioned" way sealing agreements with a handshake and backing guarantees with cash. In an era when a company is "only as good as its last deal" the <%=company%> continues to develop long-term relationships that bring in repeat and referral business. These relationships are built on two of business's most important intangibles-trust and confidence.

<%=company%>, 298 San Bruno Ave, San Francisco, CA 94103. Tel: 415-522-5700. Fax: 415-522-5701.