Product Lifecycle Management F & B

Source: Aptean

Getting your new product to market faster is essential in today’s competitive environment. Cutting days, weeks or even months out of the time it takes to develop the right recipe or formula can make the difference between products that make money, or products that missed the window of opportunity. And it is no different when you need to change changing existing products acor packaging. Time is of the essence, and you need your PLM and ERP to work together for best results.

Aptean’s PLM module for Ross ERP helps you get to market faster with a scalable solution that gets data flowing from PLM to ERP and vice versa, so that you can make quick changes that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

Faster formulation decreases development time:

  • Quick search: Rapidly search for formulas, recipes, specifications, documents, files, etc. instead of relying on the memory of individuals
  • Know your cost: Create cost-competitive formulas and packaging
  • Recipe creation: Radically reduce development time with the ability to create recipes from previous trials, modifying/adding ingredients to an existing recipe, or from a template.
  • Mass replace: Take complete control over a mass replace of an ingredient in multiple formulas
  • Pre-test: Determine which trial formulas and recipes do not meet requirements before making a sample batch
  • More: Experimental trials, recipe management, formula optimization, testing for stability and other factors