White Paper

Principles Of Hygienic Design Food Production In Sanitary Environments

Source: Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection

Why is Sanitary Design Critical?

To ensure safe food the equipment on which food processing and handling operations are conducted must be designed and constructed with sanitary design principles in mind.

The objectives of designing and constructing a sanitary food handling device are to minimize harborages and eliminate sources of possible contamination. To design and build features that protect the food product from contamination is the ultimate goal of sanitary equipment designers. The three most common culprits for food contamination are Listeria, E-Coli, and Salmonella. Sanitary food equipment and processing is the main defence against contaminated food. Correct sanitary conditions protect your customers, and the health of your business and employees.

Who sets the standards?

There are several agencies involved in the sanitary design and the sanitary production of food. In this white paper, we discuss the six agencies that have the broadest impact on the food industry today. They each have different histories, different functions, and different levels of compliance responsibilities.

Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection