Newsletter | April 19, 2022

04.19.22 -- Oversized And Underutilized: An Epidemic

Industry Insights
Oversized And Underutilized: An Epidemic

With over ten thousand air systems audits under our belt, we've seen it all and learned a few things. One of the most common problems we see is that most systems have far more capacity than needed. On average, users operate at 44% of peak capacity. It's so common, we'd say it is an epidemic, and even our own customers are not immune despite our efforts to inoculate with education. This article looks at some actual examples of oversized systems and the costs that resulted. Learn how to properly plan for a compressed air system and what your options are with an existing system.

Contamination Control In Food Processing Equipment

An inability to prevent contamination occurring, no matter how severe or minor the case is deemed to be, can result in manufacturers failing to pass inspections and can undermine public confidence in their brands. This article highlights issues processors experience in preventing contamination and how engineering for contamination control in food processing equipment can be a solution.

Instrumentation Calibration As A Service

One reality cutting across the entire range of processing plants and industries is the need for timely and proper instrument calibration. Instrument vendors with the right technical experience, established laboratories, and local, nationwide, or even worldwide reach can make the difference for this crucial task.

Liquor Distillery Utilizes Scalable Vision Inspection Solutions

For one North American distillery, a strengthened product portfolio meant an increase in the number of packages being labeled. Existing quality inspections struggled to meet the required standards as product demand grew. CI-Vision provided vision inspection solutions to help achieve their high-quality standards.

Recommended Blending Equipment For Pet Food

One critical step in pet food production is wherein powders, ground solids and other dry ingredients are blended together. Using the correct blender for thorough mixing ensures that essential nutrients are uniformly distributed in the end product and consistent from batch to batch.