Newsletter | July 12, 2022

07.12.22 -- Over-Sized And Under-Utilized: An Epidemic

Industry Insights
Over-Sized And Under-Utilized: An Epidemic

With over ten thousand air systems audits under our belt, we've seen it all and learned a few things. One of the most common problems we see is that most systems have far more capacity than needed. On average, users operate at 44% of peak capacity. It's so common, we'd say it is an epidemic, and even our own customers are not immune despite our efforts to inoculate with education. This article takes a look at some actual examples of over-sized systems and the costs that resulted. Learn how to properly plan for a compressed air system and what your options are with an existing system.

Four Food And Beverage Trends To Watch In 2022

 A growing interest in food sources and their impact on agriculture is continuing to influence trends in 2022 and beyond.

Low-Pressure Air Rental Equipment: A Valuable Resource For The Food And Beverage Industry

There are many instances in which food and beverage plants may need a temporary solution to a system or process that requires low-pressure air — the largest of which are within on-site wastewater treatment plants.

Understand Hygienic Principles In Food Manufacturing

This guide provides you with the tools to evaluate the washdown capabilities of a given piece of production equipment.

Fresh Fruits And Vegetables: Meeting Increasing Consumer Demand Without Compromising Quality And Safety

The past few years have seen a continuing trend toward healthy eating in many global regions, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. People are looking to boost their immune systems and health with better food choices. The fresh fruits and vegetables market has seen above average growth and that is expected to continue. Fruit and vegetable processors need to respond to this increased demand without compromising on product quality and safety. Discover how the latest product inspection technologies can support growing production quotas while maintaining safety, quality, and plant efficiency.