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Online Organics Analysis In The Food Industry

Source: Hach Company
Online organics analysis in food

All food sources have an organic component. Monitoring organics in water and drain lines helps production facilities quickly and accurately measure the carbon content in their water streams so they can:

  • Maximize production yield by quickly detecting product loss events to take corrective actions and improve production management processes to prevent future product loss.
  • Mitigate compliance risks by addressing biological treatment overload, irregularities in operations, and inefficient chemical feed in the wastewater treatment process. Food production facilities can save energy, reduce chemical consumption, and generate less solid waste while consistently meeting regulation requirements.
  • Protect capital equipment by reducing corrosion, leaks, fouling, maintenance, and downtime. Organics in condensate will cause organic acid formation, leading to corrosion of the boiler and damage to valuable assets.

The BioTector TOC Analyzers help facilities run more efficiently by measuring organics in minutes to diagnose product loss, optimize treatments, improve process control, protect capital equipment, and most of all ensure compliance.