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5 Ways Food Companies Can Win In The Digital Era
By Angela Fernandez, VP Retail Grocery and Foodservice, GS1 US

In 2017, the food industry was filled with disruption — from Amazon acquiring Whole Foods, to significant growth in the meal-kit industry. Because of this, food companies are taking a holistic look at customer bases and determining any possible competitive advantage for 2018. In the year ahead, we'll see five ways the food industry will become more agile and opportunistic in order to win consumer loyalty.

Industry Insights
3D Technology Improves Metal Detection Sensitivities In Difficult Applications
White Paper | By Ray Spurgeon, Eriez

Balanced coil metal detectors have always been negatively influenced by dense products. But, a breakthrough metal detection method is improving sensitivities by as much as 300 percent.

Foodborne Pathogens In Produce: How'd They Get There?
Article | By W. Evan Chaney, Ph.D., Roka Bioscience, Inc.

Produce and fruits comingle at processing plants, raising contamination potential. Industry is always developing ways to minimize contamination, but can pathogens be completely eliminated from produce?

How Technology Provides Complete Visibility Across The Food Supply Chain
White Paper | By Mike Lorbiecki, Vice President, IFS North America

This article will explain three technological advancements — Big Data, the internet of things, and cloud solutions — that are key to cost-efficient, reliable traceability measures.

Checkweighers: Using Data To Minimize Expensive Product Giveaways
White Paper | Thermo Scientific Product Inspection

Making sure final product weight is within acceptable min/max ranges is a critical manufacturing objective for F&B companies. This article details how checkweighers help ensure proper fill levels.

WW Johnson Beefs Up Its Frontline To Exceed USDA And GFSI Standards
Case Study | Alchemy Systems

This case study shows how WW Johnson Meat implemented consistent, multilingual content and automated recordkeeping to overcome barriers of learning.

How Software Helps F&B Manufacturers Exceed Customer Expectations
White Paper | Oracle + NetSuite

F&B companies need software with features specific to their needs. This paper discusses those features and how implementing software solutions allows food manufacturers to exceed expectations.

Volumetric Feeders Help The Hershey Company Create Chocolatey Satisfaction
Case Study | Schenck Process LLC

This article shows how The Hershey Company installed six volumetric feeders in a new make-your-own-candy-bar production line to accurately dispense small ingredient amounts into chocolate base bars.

Optimizing The Viscosity Test For Best Results
White Paper | AMETEK Brookfield

Measuring liquid viscosity is straightforward, but is more challenging for semi-solid products such as margarine, butter, and jams. This white paper offers guidance to optimize your viscosity tests.

Recommended Blending Equipment For Food Emulsions
Application Note | Charles Ross and Son Company

Mixing is a critical step in the production of high-quality, stable food emulsions. This application note details the primary factors in mixer selection for emulsified products.

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