Newsletter | December 6, 2021

12.06.21 -- Monthly Special Edition: Water Management

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Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) System Treats Nut Processor’s High-Strength Wastewater With Ease
The macadamia nut is indeed favored by many as a high-quality nut, evidenced by its extensive use in desserts or simply as a premium standalone snack. One of the world’s leading producers of these delicious nuts produces more than 15 million pounds each year from its Hawaii processing plant.
Supersaturated Dissolved Oxygen (SDOX) Units Keep Tyson Foods Operating Without Interruption
Tyson Food's regional wastewater treatment plant was in need of replacements for their mechanical and jet aeration equipment for biological treatment and nutrient removal. BlueInGreen replaced two failed blowers with two SDOX units without disrupting operations.
Replacing Filter Presses With Depth Filter Cartridges For Beer Clarification

Filter presses have long been used by breweries in cellar operations to clarify nonpasteurized or draft beer prior to final membrane filtering and packaging. This clarification process is essential to economical membrane filtration — beer not prepared in this manner will more quickly plug the downstream membrane filters, leading to higher processing costs.

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