Newsletter | April 5, 2021

04.05.21 -- Monthly Special Edition: Water Management

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Del Monte Foods Saves Millions With BlueInGreen's SDOX Solution

Plant managers at Del Monte Foods in Siloam Springs, AR, utilized a 14-million-gallon facultative lagoon to provide treatment before applying the effluent on 500 acres of land nearby. However, the facultative lagoon was unable to meet the municipal pretreatment permit requirements, resulting in surcharges of $450,000 per month. Read the full case study to learn more.

Sugar Beet Harvest Season Simplified With Aire-O2 Tritons

Sucrafor, a COSUMAR Groupe sugar beet processing plant in northeast (Oriental) Morocco, designed a wastewater treatment plant to maintain high organic loads through anaerobic, anoxic, and aerated lagoons as they crush more than 5,000 tons of sugar beets daily.

The DELUMPER: A Sweet Success At ADM

ADM Cocoa Plant in Hazle Township, PA, needed help with their cocoa bean production. The plant processes two and a half million pounds of cocoa beans each day, turning them into cocoa powder, cocoa butter, and chocolate liquor. The company needed a machine to process sugar with oversize lumps that could occur in transport or storage. Unless these agglomerated lumps were reduced to a granular form, the process could not work dependably. The machine also had to handle the large quantity of sugar processed daily and be sanitary.

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