Newsletter | January 4, 2021

01.04.21 -- Monthly Special Edition: Water Management

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Aquafine OptiVenn Overview (Video)

An introduction and overview of the unique features and benefits of the Aquafine OptiVenn UV disinfection system — an advanced system designed to meet the stringent requirements of pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and microelectronics applications.

Bardac LF 18: A Novel Cooling Water Algaecide

The active ingredient in Bardac LF 18 is dioctyl dimethyl ammonium chloride. This product comes in two concentrations: -10WT (10% w/w) and -50WT (50% w/w). Several chemical properties of this product yield key benefits that set it apart from other industrial cooling water products. It is a quaternary ammonium compound (quat). Quats are typically low cost and highly effective biocides for a broad spectrum of organisms.

MBR System Treats Nut Processor’s High Strength Wastewater With Ease

The macadamia nut is favored by many as a high quality nut, evidenced by its extensive use in desserts or simply as a premium stand-alone snack. One of the world’s leading producers of these delicious nuts produces more than 15 million pounds each year from its Hawaii processing plant.

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