News | September 11, 2017

Minebea Intec Unveils X-ray Inspection System Designed For Bulk Foods

Source: Minebea Intec
Minebea Intec Unveils X-ray Inspection System Designed For Bulk Foods

Minebea Intec, suppliers of industrial weighing and inspection technology, has launched Dymond Bulk, an X-ray inspection system for the food and beverage industry.

Developed keeping bulk goods in mind, the device is suitable for processes between incoming goods and packaging lines. With its launch, the company will continue to expand its foreign body detection product range.

Dymond Bulk will inspect bulk goods, such as nuts, small fruits, frozen vegetables, spices, coffee and seeds, eliminating any foreign bodies it identifies. These don’t just include those made from metal, plastic and stone, but also bits of dirt and glass.

In other words, it will benefit all those goods that are introduced into the production process straight from the field.

Michael Zabawski, global product manager, inspection, Minebea Intec, said, “In food production, the sorting and cleaning stage for raw materials is by no means a precise science.”

“The X-ray inspection system, Dymond Bulk, can make a significant difference here, increasing the safety and quality parameters even before the refinement process,” he added.

Dymond Bulk is user-friendly. A conscious effort has been made to simplify the complex technology for the user, from real-time detection via colour-based contamination analysis to straight belt replacement and an easy-to-clean inspection system

The Dymond series, the newest generation of our X-ray inspection systems, generates low-noise and thus clear images, even at exceptionally high belt speeds. Thanks to the use of top-quality components, the Dymond series can also be used in the sensitive food and pharmaceutical areas.

The slanted contours of the stainless steel housing, which consistently rule out flat, dust-prone surfaces, IP65 protection (IP 69k optional) and easy removal of the belts without the need for tools all make cleaning exceptionally easy, saving you time and money.

  • Maximum belt speed of 100 m/min
  • Linear detector with 0.8mm resolution; 0.4mm and 0.2mm optional
  • 15" touch screen with excellent display quality
  • Air-cooled X-ray tubes
  • Low power consumption; 100W X-ray generator
  • IP65 protection; IP69K optional