Metal Detector/In-Motion Checkweigher Available

Source: Eriez
Erie, PA -- The Metal Detector and In-Motion Checkweigher Systems from Eriez Magnetics' can handle many quality control requirements.

The systems, which are designed to improve production line quality control in the food and pharmaceutical industries, are mechanically reliable, low maintenance and competitively priced.

The systems combine Eriez' proven designs in metal detector technology with the accuracy and flexibility of Thompson Scale Company's checkweighers.

The metal detector/checkweigher systems are available in configurations to suit a wide variety of packaging and food companies. A system can be designed by Eriez' engineering department to suit a company's product application requirements.

The Eriez E-Z Tec® DSP Metal Detector provides a user-friendly transition through the menus via the touch screen interface.

The TSC 350, Sonic 350, 4693 and 4693i model Checkweigher cover capacities from .002 lbs. to 200 lbs. (1g to 90.7 kg) with speeds from 40 to 350 units per minute. Conveyors are available in either stainless steel, painted mild steel or, for harsh environments, can be painted with a corrosion resistant epoxy. Optional Statistical Programs and Serial Feedback loops are available.

Click here to download the Eriez Metal Detector/Checkweigher Systems brochure.