News | September 30, 2011

New Metal Detector For Free Flowing Products In Vertical Packaging Applications

Source: Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection
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New software development
The detection performance of the Super Throat has been further enhanced by the development of a new software algorithm. This identifies the signals given off by metal contamination and discriminates between these signals and those generated from the actual product itself. Once identified, these unwanted signals are amplified and subsequently processed to take detection performance to a new level.

The Super Throat metal detector provides more than the ultimate in metal detection performance. Just like other detectors in the PowerPhasePRO metal detector range of products, customers can benefit from reduced manufacturing costs and greater levels of production uptime. This is through the development of a unique Condition Monitoring system that permanently monitors key elements of the metal detectors functionality and its performance levels.

Mettler-Toledo SafelineProduction line shutdown costs The costs associated with a production line shutdown can be very high so a metal detector that can tell you when a fault occurs can be seen as beneficial. However, a better solution is to have a metal detector that can give you an early warning before the fault actually occurs. This can provide a buffer or window of opportunity to conduct investigations and plan rectification maintenance work when it is more convenient, for example, during a planned line shut down or shift change.

To help in avoiding this unnecessary downtime, the Super Throat has a secure personalized login system that allocates every user their own system access password that is linked to their own user profile. Access levels can be configured in the language of the operators' choice from 18 options. This can help each user navigate around the user interface ensuring that when they log on, they can quickly and easily identify the operations to which they have been provided access.

All detectors in the PowerPhasePRO range utilize the latest in communications technology enabling them to be configured to send email or text communications to various key people within the business meaning key personnel are never out of touch with the needs of the business.

Source: Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection

Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection