Newsletter | July 19, 2022

07.19.22 -- Memosens 2.0: Cutting-Edge Sensor Technology Reloaded

Industry Insights
Memosens 2.0: Cutting-Edge Sensor Technology Reloaded

Memosens technology has revolutionized liquid analysis technology. It converts the measured value to a digital signal and transfers it inductively to the transmitter, eliminating the problems associated with moisture. With signal alarms in the event of transmission disruption, Memosens offers safe data transfer for increased availability of the measuring point and trouble-free processes. With Memosens 2.0, measuring points become completely future-proof and ready for IIoT.

How To Leverage Vendor Experience For Aeration Design Optimization

Learn how to choose a solutions provider that can act as a natural partner to both the WWTP and the design engineer for expansions, retrofits, or greenfield projects.

Timing Adjustment Feature For Accurate Checkweighing

Checkweighers need to handle all the dynamic challenges that exist on a typical production line: variable-speed products being run with different lengths and weights need to be accurate for each product even if there are outside influences, such as heavy machinery moving nearby or fork trucks that can cause vibration to the checkweigher. Read how SSV series checkweighers use advanced signal processing and filtering to provide superior weighing accuracy.

Contaminant Detection In Yogurt

Rapid progress being made in yogurt production plants means manufacturers must modernize and upgrade to meet the demands of the consumer in the Greek and international markets. Read how one yogurt manufacturer ensures product safety and brand protection by detecting contaminants of various sizes and materials.