Eriez Magnetic Humps Provide Exceptional Removal Of Tramp Contaminants

Source: Eriez
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Eriez Magnetic Humps provide simple and efficient removal of tramp iron contaminants from free flowing, gravity or pneumatically conveyed materials. These powerful Humps are highly effective in separating contaminants from feed, grain, wood chips, food stuffs or plastic.

Magnetic Humps from Eriez are long-lasting and durable. Available for gravity, horizontal or vertical pneumatic installations, they are designed for use in a wide range of applications, regardless of the operational requirements.

Eriez' Magnetic Humps feature continuously welded, mild or stainless steel construction. The unique dogleg design includes two powerful plate magnets strategically placed in housings to capture metal contaminants as they flow through the Hump.

In addition to standard models, a wide range of custom designs are available to enable optimum performance for specific application challenges. Various magnet strengths are available, including Xtreme Rare Earth, Rare Earth, Superpower and Maxipower.

Eriez is recognized as world authority in advanced technology for magnetic, vibratory and inspection applications. The company's magnetic lift and separation, metal detection, x-ray, materials feeding, screening, conveying and controlling equipment have application in the process, metalworking, packaging, recycling, mining, aggregate and textile industries. Eriez manufactures and markets these products through eleven international facilities located on six continents.

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