Article | November 28, 2016

Lessening Your Risks Of Product Recalls Due To Glass, Metal Or Bone Contamination

Source: Eagle Product Inspection
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By Kyle Thomas, Strategic Business Unit Manager


More small and medium-sized food manufacturers (SMEs) than ever before are investing in x-ray inspection systems. The rise in the number of product recalls, particularly for food and beverages, which has more than doubled in the US since 1999, has prompted many to join larger producers in embracing product inspection as a cost-effective measure against the threat of damaging and expensive product recalls due to glass, metal or bone contamination.

Product recalls are costly and as they increase in scale and frequency, so does the likelihood of damage to the business.

While the physical recall costs, such as the publication of alerts, transport of the recalled products back to the factory and loss of revenue, are relatively straightforward to calculate, it is difficult to determine the more wide-ranging ramifications of a recall, such as the damage to the brand in the eyes of supermarkets and consumers.