Guest Column | July 17, 2013

K-Tron Delivers Accurate Powder Blends To Roasted Peppers

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By Sharon Nowak, Business Development Manager for Food and Pharmaceutical, K-Tron

Established in 1922, the Mancini Packing Company located in Zolfo Springs, Florida, has been providing premium quality roasted and fried bell peppers to the United States market for decades. The company was the first successful large scale commercial bell pepper roaster in the world and is now the leader in volume and quality of sweet roasted peppers in the United States.

Throughout its history, Mancini Packing Company has been improving its methods and technologies for roasting and packaging peppers.  When the need arose to improve the bell pepper end product quality by automating and accurately delivering a minute amount of salt blend to the end product, Mancini turned to the K-Tron Process Group for help. By supplying a simple but reliable loss-in-weight batching system, K-Tron was able to help Mancini Packing Company reduce labor costs and, more importantly, improve overall quality.