White Paper

Intellitrack XR Metal Detector Is A Solution For Small Metal Objects

Source: Thermo Scientific Product Inspection

Thermo Scientific IntellitrackXR1 (IXR) is a new, breakthrough signal processing approach that addresses the unique challenges of detecting smaller diameter metals in products that have a lot of product effect. Designed to provide the highest level of protection for manufacturers and consumers, IXR is currently available as a standard feature in all Thermo Scientific APEX metal detectors.

This paper will explain why Thermo Scientific IntellitrackXR can significantly improve metal detection performance in the most difficult applications as compared to the methodology employed in most systems designed and sold today. Further, it will also explain why the product compensation technique described as phasing is inherently limited in its capability to accurately detect metal objects in certain types of products.

In the past 50+ years, metal detection technology has been constantly evolving. Opportunities for new applications, tougher standards to protect consumers against the inclusion of metal or other extraneous materials in food, and other health and safety requirements have combined to create an environment where companies around the world depend on metal detectors to detect smaller and smaller diameter metals—without creating unwanted false rejects. In addition, heightened consumer awareness about food and product safety from several high profile cases in recent years has ensured that the cost of failure will be expensive and well publicized.

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