White Paper

White Paper: Food Safety, From Farm To Fork: A Best-Practice Approach To Implementing A Food Safety Management System

Source: EtQ, Inc.

Globalization has made it cost-effective for manufacturers to purchase ingredients from lower cost countries around the world-but at what cost to consumers? As a result of the increase in globalization of the world's food supply and the ensuing food-scares, consumers are now, more than ever, demanding safe, quality food. This is due to the increase in food scares such as:

  • Spinach contaminated with E. coli in 2006 that resulted in the death of 3 people
  • Pet food imported from China that was tainted with melamine and killed more than 20 pets.
  • Salmonella-tainted peanut butter, which affected over 400 people and put 71 consumers in the hospital in 2007