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05.20.16 -- How Well Is The U.S. Handling Food Safety Import Challenges?

Featured Editorial
How Well Is The U.S. Handling Food Safety Import Challenges?
By Sam Lewis, Editor, Food Online

International supply chains are becoming increasingly complex. As the supply chain landscape continues to expand it also faces greater risks and more regulations to manage them. Here, Bill Marler, U.S.-based food safety attorney, answers Global Food Safety Forum (GFSF) chairman Rick Gilmore’s questions on behalf of Food Online regarding U.S. food safety in terms of the food imports sector.

Industry Insights
How Automatic Metal Detector Performance Verification Helps Food Manufacturers

Unlike the traditional and manual “three metal pass/fail” system auditing, this new technology can detect potential problems before there is a failure during a manual audit. This limits expensive downtime and repair costs. This article explains how the performance verification system option works and why it can augment or replace manual auditing.

How Will The Internet Of Things Affect Food Industry Trends?

Advances in technology have a way of changing how nearly all industries operate; the food industry is no exception. With the growth and availability of the internet of things (IoT), the food industry is in line for some major shifts — especially when it comes to trends in food safety.

High-Speed Vision System Helps Biscuit Maker Boost Production Efficiency
Flying wafer biscuits are sweet tasting, finely layered, and packed in pink. Production of this food is highly automated, and the manufacturer relies on high-speed vision systems for its packaging process. This case study explores how a bar code scanner helps the product’s manufacturer save time.
Cleanable Round Airlock Video

The CRA (cleanable round airlock) valve mac process is an important step toward a visionary clean design initiative. This initiative aims to supply a complete line of engineered and manufactured cleanable solutions for food and pet food customers.

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