Newsletter | October 3, 2019

10.03.19 -- How To Predict Life Cycle Costs For Maintenance Management

Industry Insights
Predicting Life Cycle Costs For Maintenance Management
White Paper | By Anita Vuorenmaa and Riina Brade, Elomatic

A cornerstone of long-term maintenance is optimizing life cycle costs of investments during decision making. This article discusses how predictability of costs and profitability can be enhanced.

How Food Companies Can Transform Data For Better Decision Making
White Paper | Aptean

Business software should support the collection of more data, leading to a deeper understanding of the business. Unfortunately, the transition from collecting data to actionable insight is incredibly challenging.

Growing And Differentiating Your Family Business
Webinar | Oracle NetSuite

What’s the secret of family businesses growing faster than their peers? This webinar with three family businesses offers insight into how to grow your family business and outperform the competition.

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