White Paper

How To Conduct A Magnet Pull Test

Source: Eriez

By Bill Dudenhoefer


By Bill Dudenhoefer

Many manufacturers today invest thousands—if not millions—of dollars annually into magnetic separation equipment, proactively reducing the risk that any foreign object or contaminant will be mixed in with a product sold to their network of customers, including other OEMs, distributors or direct to consumer.

Attention to product purity on the production line has never been greater, creating the need for manufacturers to detect and eliminate foreign objects before the end product reaches end-use customers. Eliminating contaminant metal also prevents damage to expensive processing machinery, reducing downtime and repair costs.

The use of permanent magnetic separators helps draw out fine tramp metal along critical points of the production line. These separators come in different styles and in various magnetic strengths, depending upon the application. Periodically, they all need to be tested for optimum strength. This report, written by Eriez®, offers guidelines on conducting a proper and valid magnet pull test.