Newsletter | November 23, 2021

11.23.21 -- How Real-Time Data Analytics Powers Enterprise Agility

Industry Insights
How Real-Time Data Analytics Powers Enterprise Agility

Successful business systems analyst managers must supply executives with real-time data to bridge the gap between enterprise resource planning (ERP) and operational data. When all these data points are tied into an enterprise-level dashboard, such as a unified operations center, decision makers have instant access to a wide array of vital metrics.

Top 10 Reasons To Order Online

In the industrial marketplace end users demand the same advantages they enjoy with online consumer transactions. These advantages vary from person to person, with some differences between the consumer and industrial sectors. Industrial automation vendors are responding to end user and equipment builder demands for expanded and improved online ordering options.

Spice Is A Variety Of Life
The goal of Fuchs Group, in Lower Saxony, Germany, with its precious spices and spice mixtures, is to help turn a meal into a genuine culinary event. The company cannot afford any bottlenecks or disruptions in the compressed air supply. When it was time to replace the obsolete compressors from another manufacturer due to increasingly frequent breakdowns and problems, the obvious choice was the Coburg-based system provider, Kaeser.
Benefits Of A Mobile Milling System

Regardless of industry segment, continue reading to learn how a mobile milling system that can be relocated and interchanged quickly and easily between products can provide a cost-effective solution.