Newsletter | May 14, 2020

05.14.20 -- How Automation Doubled Granola Bar Processing Throughput

Industry Insights
How Automation Doubled Granola Bar Processing Throughput

This application note details a granola bar manufacturer's process of converting from batch processing to a continuous automated process to improve its efficiency, as well as the amount of finished product.

Deschutes: Better Data For Better Beer

Deschutes Brewery, the seventh largest craft brewery in the United States, had a problem. During the cooling phase of the brewing process, temperatures were spiking in a new class of fermenters, an anomaly that could potentially reduce capacity potential and affect the quality and flavor of their beers. Luckily, Deschutes had a secret weapon: the PI System.

Tortilla Manufacturer Installs Mettler-Toledo Safeline Metal Detector For Brand Protection And To Ensure Product Safety

Arevalo Foods produces more than 3.5 million tortillas per day at their state-of-the-art facility. To support their double-digit growth over the past few years they installed three metal detectors to help protect their final product quality.

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