Newsletter | May 11, 2021

05.11.21 -- Harnessing Data Will Be Key To Feeding Billions Of New People

Industry Insights
Harnessing Data Will Be Key To Feeding Billions Of New People

The numbers are staggering. In three decades, the global population is expected to grow to nearly 10 billion. Feeding all those people — which includes 3 billion or so added since 2010 — won’t be possible unless food and beverage producers embrace a variety of solutions in the march toward sustainability.

The Role Of Aeration In Optimal Yeast And Enzyme Production

Production of both yeast and enzymes requires multiple tanks that are filled with water and precursor ingredients used by each as a food source. Installing the most appropriate blower equipment in the process can enhance yeast and enzyme production, minimize energy costs, guarantee food safety, and avoid costly failures. Consequently, Aerzen’s vast experience in aeration for the water/wastewater market is now successfully being applied to the food and beverage market as well as other industries.

PET Bottle X-Ray Inspection With Side-View X-Ray Inspection

This application note explains how horizontal, side-view X-ray systems shoot across tall products, penetrating less product and container mass, resulting in maximum detection effectiveness.