GlassChek/GlassChek Plus X-Ray Inspection System

Source: Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection

GlassChek Plus X-Ray Inspection System

The GlassChek Plus x-ray inspection system is most suitable for the inspection of wide neck and non-uniform glass jars. Its software plots the individual dimensions of every glass jar that passes through the x-ray beam, detecting contaminants in the product as well as possible inclusions in the glass jar itself.

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Greatest probability of detection within a glass jar

The GlassChek Plus uses four x-ray beams – one vertical and three horizontal beams to ensure the greatest coverage and probability of detection within the jar. Its angled beams and adaptive software reduces blind spots and optimizes detection in the most challenging areas such as the base, sidewalls and neck of the jar ensuring product safety. 

Adaptive technology from SAFELINE also overcomes the challenge of the varying thickness of glass in jars by maintaining optimal sensitivity of detection.

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