Brochure | November 30, 2018

Gardner Double Cone Blenders Brochure

Source: Schenck Process LLC

We can trace our range of mixers and blenders back to 1860, when William Gardner first built mixing machines at his factory in Gloucester, England. Although the name Gardner is best known for U-trough Ribbon Mixers, Double Cone Blenders have been part of the range for over 50 years, catering for products which are best tumbled rather than stirred.

Thorough Blending Through Unique Design

The Gardner name is backed by a wealth of processing expertise. Accordingly, our Double Cone Blender designs have been continuously developed to ensure their efficient performance across a wide range of applications.

The mixing action of the Gardner Double Cone Blenders is enhanced by the unique Multishear deflector/disperser plates positioned along the axis of rotation within the blending chamber. These deflect blender contents, spreading them laterally as they fall.