Article | November 21, 2014

FSMA Fridays: Furthering The Discussion Of 2nd Review Cycles Of Key FSMA Rules (Part Three Of Three)

Source: Safety Chain Software
Safety Chain

Check out Part 1 and Part 2

Last month, Safety Chain’s VP of Marketing and Communications, Jill Bender, discussed the second review cycles of several of the Food Safety Modernization Act’s key rules with the Acheson Group’s Dr. David Acheson and Jennifer McEntire. This month, Melanie Neumann, the Acheson Group’s CFO and VP, joins Bender and Acheson with further insights into the foreign supplier verification rule of FSMA.

On the last Friday of every month, SafetyChain, a leading provider of food safety and quality assurance automation and compliance solutions, hosts FSMA Fridays™, the leading online forum for the food and beverage community to learn the latest information about the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). Featuring Dr. David Acheson, the popular monthly interactive pod/webcast is sponsored by SafetyChain Software and The Acheson Group.

In the second portion of Furthering The Discussion Of 2nd Review Cycles Of Key FSMA Rules, Safety Chain’s Jill Bender discussed FSMA’s FSVP and some aspects of GFSI with the Acheson Group’s Dr. David Acheson and Melanie Neumann. Here, in the third and final portion of the series, the panel continues that discussion and begins taking questions from the pod/webcast’s live audience.

Jill: We’ve been talking a lot today about preparing for compliance and if importers or foreign suppliers are getting prepared and I think a question we often get is, “How can we [SafetyChain] help in automating the FSMA compliance?”

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