Newsletter | February 11, 2020

02.11.20 -- Foreign Body Detection With X-Ray Scanning

Industry Insights
Industry 4.0 Connectivity Guide: Unlocking Value With Product
  White Paper | Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection

This condensed version of the Industry 4.0 Guide provides an improved appreciation of Industry 4.0, guidance integrating product inspection equipment with Industry 4.0 practices, and innovations.

Food Manufacturer Uses NetSuite To Automate And Streamline Operations
Case Study | Oracle NetSuite

When the Jackson's Honest line of chips, launched online in 2012, gained attention from Natural Grocers and Whole Foods Market nationwide, disparate software couldn’t scale to meet demand nor provide automation to streamline operations. They have seen several benefits since switching to NetSuite.

Del Monte Installs Bulk Material Handling Equipment For Soup Production
Case Study | Schenck Process LLC

A Del Monte plant in Mendota, IL, is responsible for producing canned soups that appear on grocery store shelves under more than 50 different brand names. Installation of a food-grade bulk bag discharging and metering system that would gravimetrically supply between 750 and 1,500 pounds of either material to either of two 900-gallon stainless-steel mix tanks in 10 minutes, would not exceed 21 feet in height, and could be quickly disassembled and cleaned using high-pressure hot water allows them to producing six 900-gallon batches of soup base an hour.

Foreign Body Detection With X-Ray Scanning
Webinar | Wipotec-OCS

In this webinar you will learn about the structure, functionality, and advantages of X-ray scanners as well as what to consider when it comes to product testing.

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