Print, label and Seal Inspection – CLS

Source: Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection


Top and bottom inspection. Because the CLS uses a line scan camera, inspections of labels on the bottom of a package are accomplished without additional product handling requirements. The top module adjusts automatically, allowing for packages of various sizes.

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Ensure package seal integrity. The CLS inspects package seals for foreign debris, punctures and improperly fit seals. Remove the danger of contaminated products by ensuring that packages are properly sealed.

Perfect product presentation. Labeling regulations in the food industry are strictly enforced, meaning that missing or mislabeled packages can cause significant pain to manufacturers. The CLS ensures the correct labels are properly applied and ensures text and barcodes are readable.

Easy to use. The powerful CIVCore® software and intuitive touchscreen interface make vision inspection a simple user experience. Four touches on the screen are all that is required to change between part profiles.

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