Video: Food Processing Material Handling Automation

Source: Coperion K-Tron

This video animation visualizes many of the ways in which K-Tron can provide food processing automation solutions for food manufacturing operations. In this fly through you'll travel from raw ingredient delivery, to weighing and batching of food ingredients, to end-product feeding and conveying for mixing and extrusion.

In order of appearance, you'll see the following processes:

  • Rail and truck unloading
  • Pneumatic conveying to silo
  • Addition of major ingredients into the process (batch weigh system)
  • Gain-in-weight batching (GIW)
  • Loss-in-weight batching (LIW) Food Industry Brochure
  • Minor ingredient addition
  • Batching of major and minor premixes
  • Continuous mixing (LIW feeding and dense phase vacuum conveying)
  • Dense phase vacuum conveying
  • Extrusion via loss-in-weight powder and liquid feeding