Food Packaging Checkweigher, Model XS40


The 15 inch touchscreen and up to 200 product memory capacity make the XS40 checkweigher optimal for use in production lines and end-of-line packaging applications, where strict demands are placed on accuracy, dependability and connectivity.

The industry proven, modular design can be enhanced with the full range of software options and accessories available. This allows you to tailor the checkweigher to your specific application requirements. It is particularly service friendly, cutting maintenance time to an absolute minimum and significantly reducing downtime.

With the "auto setup" software wizard and the user friendly 15 inch touchscreen interface, very little training is required in setting up the menus. The multilingual user profile and product image functions ensure fast product changeover and fewer operator errors, resulting in a minimum of downtime.

Features and benefits

  • Easily customized
    An extensive range of standard infeed, weighing and outfeed belt lengths and widths as well as rejection and sorting devices is available to cover almost any requirements. All checkweigher components can also be customized to meet your specific needs for perfect integration into your current production line.
  • Large selection of data connection ports
    All production data and statistical information can be made available in real-time within your local network. Production and quality managers can access and review all relevant data from their desks. Enables rapid response to problems and facilitates preventive measures, thereby minimizing downtime.
  • Wide range of rejection/sorting devices
    Products are rejected or sorted to enable further inspection, processing or manual quality control based on product weight, size or application requirements. Ensures reliable and efficient total quality control.
  • SQC/SPC software compatibility
    Allows installation of a wide range of optional software packages for complete production control, remote access and line optimization, such as FreeWeigh.Net and ProdX. Increases line efficiency and reduces product giveaway.
  • EMFR load cell
    Electromagnetic Force Restoration (EMFR) technology ensures sustained accuracy over long periods of time and minimizes weighing errors caused by changes in temperature and humidity. Reduces expensive giveaway, prevents underweight products from leaving the factory, protects your brand and ensures legal compliance.


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